Upgrade Kit to Sigmax R19


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The easy-to-install upgrade kit will equip your BCN3D Sigmax with the latest R19 features:

· Hotends: The hotends provide a smooth and reliable extrusion under different printing environments for FFF.
· Filament Runout sensor: A mechanical switch to detect filament presence, allowing to prevent from one of the most common and frustrating failure reasons. In case of running out of filament during a print job, the printer will automatically pause and warn the user to load new filament to resume the print, letting to save time and money.
· New graphic user interface: The refined R19 GUI and UX include new informative screens, maintenance recommendations and guided assistants, as well as access to advanced printing settings.

What’s in the box:

Everything you will need to assemble the components is in the kit. It takes between 1 and 2 hours to be assembled and an online manual is provided.

· 2x Filament runout sensor set (1)
· 2x Bowden entry part (2)
· 1x Industrial μSD with Firmware files (3)
· Set of Calibration gauges (4)
· 1x 5,5mm Socket wrench (5)
· 1x 2mm hex key (6)
· 2x hotends 0.6mm (7)
· 2x Calibrated Stepper Drivers (8)
· 4x Black clips (9)