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Meet Our Partners: 3DGBIRE (UK & Ireland)

We would like to kick off the new year on the right foot by introducing a brand new interview series: “Meet Our Partners!”. Here we will introduce some of our local distribution partners from all around the world, diving deep into their views on the 3D printing industry, insights about their company, and the reasons they choose to work with BCN3D. First, let’s virtually visit 3DGBIRE in Chorley, England with Daniel Abram, the company’s General Manager!

When, how, and why was 3DGBIRE founded?

“We founded the company in October 2015, with the mission to help the UK and Irish industries to adopt additive manufacturing. We believed then, as we do now, that AM technology is genuinely useful for businesses, but for that technical support and training, and warranty provisions are necessary fundamentals. That is why we started the business. We started with four members of staff, one brand, two technicians, a business development executive, and a manager. However, we have been able to grow the business over the last five years, and we currently represent seven brands in the UK and Ireland and have 33 members of staff.”

Where does your love for 3D printing come from?

“Personally, my love for 3D printing comes from the innovation that it brings. It offers so much opportunity within any industry to really develop products that maybe would not have been developed without it. It is just an exciting industry to be in because you can see things come to fruition from start to finish, and the tools that we offer, 3D printers, and other additive manufacturing tools really help in every stage of the process. 

Also, my love for 3D printing comes from the genuinely inspiring stories of our customers, that can be from failing projects or even failing businesses that we managed to turn around to dream projects that people never thought would happen – we have been able to help them to see the light of the day! 

Moreover, many lives being improved: Certain wheelchair projects where we have been able to do personalizations, even down to orthopedic surgeons to do a better job, operating on people’s bodies. It is a phenomenally interesting industry, and it has been so much fun to be a part of it.”

What would be your favorite story?

“There are so many, it is so hard to pick one out! But I guess, off the top of my head, I remember that we started to work with an orthopedic surgeon and he was able to print out CT scan images of people’s bones and replicas of terrible brakes that he could not analyze using the traditional method, which is a 2D scan. He was essentially able to do operations that he would not normally be able to do thanks to additive manufacturing. That is probably the one that sticks out most to me.”

Why did you choose to work with BCN3D?

“BCN3D is a fantastic company and the technology it has brought to market really suits our audience. Also, you have a real industrial focus, but the products are not coming from traditional pricing structures and ways of working. It is a really innovative company and we like to see ourselves as the same, and there is a real alliance there. I think that BCN3D’s philosophy and the products really fit into our portfolio.”

Let our readers get to know you a bit better: can you share with us a fun fact about the company?

Well, all three founders of 3DGBIRE went to the same high school and we actually operate the company from the same small town that the high school was in!” 

Last but not least, one very important question: the next time you are able to safely visit our offices in Barcelona, …what can we get you for a drink?

“I think that once all the work is done then you can probably get me on the vermouth, but any time of the day a cup of tea is beautiful for me.”