Meet Our Partners: Crea3D (Italy)

Next up in our “Meet Our Partners!” series is the Administrator at Crea3D, Bart Paparella. He told us how his 3D printing hobby turned into a business, and all the benefits he thinks 3D printing has to offer. 

When, how, and why was the company founded? 

“I actually started to work in the year 2013 in my grandma’s garage! Right after that, there has been a constant expansion in terms of space and jobs, which is still ongoing, because we’re just at the beginning of our road trip.A new project is already here!”

 Where does your love for 3D printing come from?

“My love for 3D printing was born from a personal hobby of building and assembling 3D printers. After I posted them on social media, especially on Facebook, I received the first purchase request and a lot of interest. Thus, the idea of selling them was officially born.”

 What do you love the most about your work in the 3D printing industry? 

“My team loves the fact that 3D printing is a lucky and dynamic industry. We can apply it to different sectors, such as the automotive, medical, food, packaging and so on.”

 To whom would you recommend our 3D printers and why?

“To all the companies that want and need to innovate and improve using 3D printing, not only for prototyping, but also as a production tool.”

Have you encountered any funny situations during your years of work in the 3D printing industry?

“When we participated in the first fairs, customers asked us what the machine was, what we used it for, and above all if we could also print money! We replied that indirectly they were right, because 3D printing definitely allows you to save money and time!”

Last but not least, one very important question: the next time you are able to safely visit our offices in Barcelona, …what can we get you for a drink?

“I’d like to visit your company preferably during summer, given the beauty of Spain and your city Barcelona. For sure it would be a typical Catalan drink, such as the sangría blanca or one of your best wines!”