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Meet Our Partners: PDS (India)

We’re joined by 3D printing enthusiast Gaurav Jolly, Business Head of PDS in India. He tells us all about the range and variety of support his company brings to different industries all across India. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about your company? 

“Parametric Designs & Solutions (PDS) started as a design consultancy and gradually made the transition into providing technology, software, products, sales, and support. Our idea was to bring all the different technologies within the reach of the Indian industry together. Once we identified the needs of the industry for optimizing their manufacturing processes, we realized that there was definitely a gap in providing proper technical support. Before working for PDS, I had been a part of the same industry for about ten years and so bringing that experience to the company helped us to take over support and services for our clients.”

When, how, and why was your company founded? 

“PDS was founded in 2009, with the objective to fulfil the different technical requirements of the industry. Over the years, we have been successful in supporting our clients as per their technology needs. Today, PDS is associated with globally renowned technology brands. We are actively supporting more than 250 clients from all across India. This clientele ranges from automotive manufacturers to suppliers, to educational institutes. We are trying to cover the majority of the industrial segments.”

Why did you choose to work with us at BCN3D?

“When we speak of the technology BCN3D brings, essentially we are talking about FFF technology. The BCN3D printers have a big print volume, which is of course very important. Another important reason for us choosing to work with BCN3D was that their printers are compatible with a very wide range of high-quality materials such as water-soluble supports and composites. Also, we don’t need to switch printers to accommodate different printing materials. The unique IDEX technology was also a big decision-maker for us, which allows printing in multiple materials and colors. The dual modes really help companies to print parts simultaneously, and mirror mode is especially useful in the automotive industry.”

To whom would you recommend our 3D printers and why?

“The printers are loaded with a variety of features and are still very much affordable.”

How do you see the future of 3D printing?

“I would say that the future of 3D printing in India is very bright. The Indian industry is heading towards a digital transformation, which again is a very important reason why a lot of people are becoming open to 3D printing technologies, and I see a very high demand for it in the future. I also see a big-time usage of 3D printing in all the segments like automotive and education, and especially in the medical field. Recently I’ve been speaking to medical institutions that can make prototypes of human body parts to practice procedures. This is saving them time and increasing the preciseness of operations where the importance of being right the first time is essential.”

The next time you visit our offices in Barcelona, what can we get you for a drink?  

“The next time I visit Barcelona I would like to taste Spain’s famous sherry!”