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The BCN3D Smart Cabinet arrives in style

Today, on the 18th of May, we have finally released our long-awaited BCN3D Smart Cabinet. Our newest 3D printing solution has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with our 3D printers and boost their performance through features such as our smart drying technology, which ensures that your filaments are kept at optimum humidity levels at all times, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Perhaps the launch of our Epsilon series caught your attention last September, with its design for industrial power and reliability, that builds a bridge between workbench and desktop. Our new Smart Cabinet completes the Epsilon ecosystem, and boosts your printing process with our Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50 printers; and we are ecstatic that its release date is here at long last! Get your very own Smart Cabinet from today, the 18th of May.

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet relies on our smart drying technology to ensure that your filaments are consistently kept at optimal humidity levels, guaranteeing the best results in each of your print jobs and preserving your work against print failure, nozzle clogging… and even power outages, thanks to its Uninterruptible Power Supply! 

What our beta testers had to say about it

Maybe our months of extensive research and our own exceptional results from the Smart Cabinet has made us a little bit biased about how great we find this solution…so let’s see what our beta-testers had to say!

When we saw the impressive results Agri.Builders in France were obtaining for their Pherodrones with their Epsilon W27, we decided they would be the perfect guinea pigs for our Smart Cabinet testing.

“The Smart Cabinet is an amazing device. The Epsilon W27 is an exceptional printer by itself, but in combination with the Smart Cabinet, it is really something else.” – Antoine Duchemin, Technical Director of Agri.Builders.

To our delight, the team provided us with positive feedback on how the combination of the Smart Cabinet with their printer allowed a seamless workflow for their drone attachment pieces.

“What I really like about the Cabinet is that it makes the use of the printer really comfortable and enjoyable.” – Antoine Duchemin, Technical Director of Agri.Builders.

The various features of the Smart Cabinet also gave the team confidence in their production process and provided ease of use

“The compartments are really handy, and the storage, dehumidifier, and power recovery functions are very useful too. Plus the design is impeccable!” – Antoine Duchemin, Technical Director of Agri.Builders.

To learn more about what Agri.Builders are up to, read our case study

To really put our Smart Cabinet to the test, we made sure our beta testers differed in application requirements. In Sant Joan Déu Hospital, Barcelona, an Epsilon W50, Epsilon W27 and Smart Cabinet were used to create 3D anatomical models. 

“Our focus is on printing a critical product: clinical anatomical models that are used for simulation, surgery training, and medical prototypes. For that reason, reliability and efficient production are key. We cannot fail in the production time response and in the quality of the final product. With the Smart Cabinet, we improved the production and results of the Epsilon machine.” – Arnau Valls, R&D Engineer and 3D Planning Service at Sant Joan Déu Hospital.

The Smart Cabinet rose to this challenge that required precision and efficiency

“Through our Beta testing, the Smart Cabinet proved itself to be a natural and very useful complement for the Epsilon FFF machine, as it helps maintain materials in the proper humidity and temperature conditions to significantly improve our final 3D anatomical models.” – Arnau Valls, R&D Engineer and 3D Planning Service at Sant Joan Déu Hospital.

With our feedback from our beta testers, we have been able to continue developing the Smart Cabinet to make it as productive and user-friendly as possible.

BCN3D Smart Cabinet

 Want to find out more…?

Our brand new Smart Cabinet content consists of:

  • A features-explained video, where we talk you through the likes of the storage space and uninterruptible power supply. 
  • A webinar hosted by our Smart Cabinet engineers, where they share all their insights and reasoning behind the design, and the main benefits of incorporating our newest 3D printing solution into any manufacturing process. 

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  • A white paper on the infamous effects of humidity on 3D printing materials, and all the ways you can prevent it from infringing on your prints. Includes extensive research conducted by our specialists in our own facilities. 
  • A compilation of all your FAQs answered, covering everything from the basics to the technical aspects.
  • A video story showing how the CIM UPC implemented a small farm of BCN3D printers and Smart Cabinets, and how it revolutionized their workflow. 

From today, the 18th of May, get all your questions answered by our educational content and nab a Smart Cabinet by getting in touch with any of our resellers in our channel distribution.  Even better, if you’re already the proud owner of an Epsilon printer, pair it with a Smart Cabinet to claim a 495€ discount!*

Should you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our specialists directly. Our 3D printing specialist Jesse Wiggins is on hand to give you a one-to-one demonstration of the brilliance of this printing solution.