Sigma R19 Enclosure


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Advantages of using the Sigma R19 enclosure:

– Constant interior temperature to prevent warping in technical materials such as ABS, Nylon and PET-G.
– Protect your working environment from potentially harmful particles thanks to the HEPA filter.
– It increases the success print ratio. Highly recommended for those users that are going to print big parts.
– The Sigma is even quieter.
– Air inside the printer is renewed thanks the HEPA filter.
– No need to screw, make holes or modify the printer.
– The cover can be put and removed easily.

Important: Do not use the cover when printing with PLA.

The cover comes disassembled and with a manual about how to assemble it. It comes with the necessary tools to do it. The enclosure is only compatible with Sigma R19 version.