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Industrial Series

Workbench Series




L'impressió 3D fa que la innovació sigui accessible i permet als freelancers o autònoms crear projectes funcionals excel·lents a un cost mínim.

BCN3D Printers en Freelancers

Use cases in Professional Individuals Industry

fets impressionants sobre impressió 3D Moveo

BCN3D MOVEO – A fully Open Source 3D printed robot arm

BCN3D Technologies keeps taking important steps in order to achieve his goal of bringing the digital manufacturing technology to everyone.

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Jordi Bordas last piece of pastry art: Golden Peanut 3D printed mould

Jordi Bordas, Pastry World Champion and creator of the B·Concept recipe formulation method, uses the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer to produce pastry molds to shape their latest pastry product, the Golden Peanut.

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IDEX Technology for low volume batch production: Doubling productivity at the BCN3D Print Farm

BCN3D has proven that additive manufacturing is the most cost-effective solution for producing low volume batches, including 47 3D printed plastic pieces in each manufactured 3D printer.

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