Omega Tooling CF BCN3D Filaments



Omega Tooling CF is a carbon fiber-reinforced PA6 copolymer filament designed exclusively for use with the Omega I60 printer. This specialized filament boasts remarkable strength, durability, thermal stability, and stiffness —characteristics you’d expect from carbon fiber materials. It excels in high-temperature environments, boasting a high heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 177ºC.

Filament weight: 2.5kg , Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Printing requirements:

  • Compatible Tip/Nozzle: Omega Hotend Tip 0.6 HR (sold separately)
  • Use Magigoo PA for improved adhesion (sold separately)
  • Only compatible with BCN3D Omega I60

Applications and properties

  • Exceptional strength
  • Easy to print while boasting a variety of excellent mechanical properties
  • High impact resistance
  • Metal replacement
  • Replacement for high-pressure metal forming tools
  • High temperature jigs and fixtures
  • Workholdings
  • Automotive parts, brackets, covers
  • Jigs and fixtures that need high strength and stiffness


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