Set of Calibration Gauges


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Compatible with all BCN3D printers.

BCN3D printers include a Z calibration method, which uses Calibration Gauges instead of a piece of paper. This increases the accuracy and repeatability of the process regarding the old method. Despite old Sigma and Sigmax users can still utilize the paper to calibrate, it is highly recommended to switch to Calibration Gauges. To take the best profit of the Calibration Gauges, we recommend to Sigma and Sigmax users to upgrade the firmware to version 2.0.0 or higher. Visit our knoweldge base to learn how.

How to use them

During Z Axis Calibration, place one Calibration Gauge between the nozzle and the printing surface glass and follow the instructions on the printer screen. Hold the gauge by the end and move it back and forth, without
pressing the platform. Raise the platform until you feel some resistance while sliding the gauge. The gauge should not flex.