Omega Resistant Nylon BCN3D Filaments



Omega Resistant Nylon is a custom copolymer of PA6 and PPA formulated especially for Omega I60 and designed for the most demanding manufacturing applications. This innovative material boasts exceptional resistance to chemicals, wear, and solvents, making it ideal for challenging environments. With superior heat deflection properties and printability surpassing traditional ABS and nylons, Omega Resistant Nylon sets a new standard for durability and performance in industrial settings. In fact, in terms of mechanical properties, it’s closer to Ultem™ 9085 than it is to standard FFF Nylon-based materials.

Filament weight: 2.5kg , Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Printing requirements:

  • Compatible Tip/Nozzle: Omega Hotend Tip 0.4 HR (included with the printer)
  • Use Magigoo PA for improved adhesion (sold separately)
  • Only compatible with BCN3D Omega I60

Applications and properties

  • Acetal replacement
  • End effectors
  • Non-marring tools
  • Low-speed gears and moving parts
  • Self-lubricating properties


Download safety and technical data sheets