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Industrial Series

Workbench Series




BCN3D Omega I60 is a high-speed industrial 3D Printer built for the factory floor designed specifically to produce large-scale, strong tooling, jigs, and fixtures. It features BCN3D’s signature IDEX technology, a massive print volume of 60L, a heated chamber of 70ºC, a temperature and humidity-controlled material operations system, and a direct-drive high-speed extruder that reaches up to 300 mm/s.

19.995€ // 21.995 USD *Excl. VAT 
Shipping September 2023


Main features

  • IDEX Technology Double your productivity by using both toolheads simultaneously.
  • High Speed Ready Print parts at 300 mm/s thanks to built-in accelerometers.
  • Active Heated Chamber up to 70ºC Control chamber temperature for part uniformity, dimensional accuracy, and mechanical properties.
  • Massive Print Volume of 60 Liters Create big robust parts with solid mechanical properties.
  • Powerful Extrusion System 1.75mm direct-drive Bondtech extruder and custom E3D Revo Hotends with easy-swap nozzle change.
  • Material Operations System Integrated temperature and humidity-controlled system that prepares filaments for printing.

Omega Launchpad Program:
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A glimpse into BCN3D Omega I60’s specifications


  • Why is necessary an active heated chamber?

    A heated chamber facilitates the manufacturing of engineering polymers by maintaining an ideal temperature for the printable part throughout the printing process. This temperature control ensures the uniform construction of the part, minimizing the formation of internal stresses. By heating the chamber close to the material’s glass transition temperature, it promotes relaxation and eliminates internal tensions during manufacturing, effectively preventing issues like warping and cracking. After completion, the part undergoes a gradual cooling process. All of this ensures the best dimensional accuracy and mechanical durability for the printed part. The BCN3D Omega I60 heated chamber can reach temperatures of up to 70ºC, making it ideal for printing materials such as ASA, PA, ABS and reinforced PA, among others.

  • What is the function of the Material Operation System and which is the temperature it reaches?

    This integrated material module offers a complete all-in-one experience. The MOS allows you to control not only the humidity but also the temperature. It provides two key advantages: the ability to recover compromised material and the ability to preheat your filament before starting a print. This is especially important for technical materials with higher heat deflection temperatures. Furthermore, the material operating system enables automatic filament loading and unloading. So, if your print job runs out of filament halfway through, the machine will automatically change the filament for you. The BCN3D’s Omega I60 MOS can reach up to 75ºC and provides an RH below 10%.

  • How does the autocalibration system work?

    This technology, which uses piezoelectric sensors, eliminates human dependence and guarantees correct first layer adhesion. It calibrates by measuring multiple points to adjust printing surface height (Z) and (XY) offset between nozzles. For Omega I60 with Independent Dual Extrusion System (IDEX), precise XY alignment is crucial. A dedicated square area outside the printing surface is used for toolhead alignment. The toolheads touch the sides with hotends, calculate positioning, and calibrate offsets to avoid crossovers or shifting layers in duplication mode.

  • How does the high speed work in Omega I60?

    Omega is equipped with built-in accelerometers and 32-bit electronics, together with a custom version of Marlin 2.1. This combination enhances the capabilities of the BCN3D Omega I60, enabling it to efficiently manufacture parts at an impressive speed of 300 mm/s and achieve accelerations of 10 m/s². With this state-of-the-art platform, users can enjoy exceptional productivity.

  • Which kinematics has this printer?

    BCN3D Omega I60 is built in a HAQ-XY Kinematics. This motion architecture is considered one of the best systems for dual 3D printers and CNC machines, as it provides a lightweight, robust and precise approach. BCN3D Omega I60 equips an improved version of this kinematics by placing the pulleys in a slightly different position. As a result, the system experiences a significant reduction in twisting moments along the X axis during the printing process. These twisting moments are highly undesirable as they can have detrimental effects on the system’s performance and potentially lead to undesired deformations in the X axis, thereby directly impacting the quality of the printed parts.

  • Will BCN3D Omega I60 have a dedicated material portfolio?

    The portfolio of materials offered by Omega 60 is carefully selected to cater to specific verticals such as tooling, jigs and fixtures, short run production, masking, large prototyping, production line replacements, and end-use parts. The materials include:

    Omega Proto: A custom formulation developed for BCN3D Omega I60 and ideal for prototyping, jigs and fixtures, low load bearing alignment guides, and drill guides. It offers a smooth matte black surface finish and isotropic properties, making it suitable for both basic and functional prototyping.

    Omega Impact ASA: This material excels in UV resistance, making it ideal for outdoor end-use parts. It is highly durable, making it suitable for tooling subjected to repetitive loading.

    Omega Resistant Nylon: Ideal for the factory floor environment, this material is chemical, wear and solvent resistant. It serves as a drop-in replacement for materials like Acetal commonly found in such environments.

    Omega Tooling CF: Specifically formulated for maximum strength, this material is well-suited for producing parts in metal replacement, metal forming dies and tools, and end-use parts that require exceptional strength.

    Omega Support: A breakaway support material that works with all the aforementioned materials. This allows for easy removal of supports without the need for dissolution, enabling the immediate use of printed parts.

    BCN3D Filaments for Omega I60 encompasses all these materials as well as upcoming materials currently in development and scheduled for future release.

  • Is BCN3D Omega I60 compatible with other filament manufacturers?

    Customers have three pathways to choose from when selecting a filament for their Omega I60. The first option is BCN3D Filaments, which encompasses all previously mentioned materials as well as upcoming materials currently in development and scheduled for future release. The second option is the Open Filament Network, where BCN3D collaborates with material manufacturers to create specialized printing profiles. These materials cater to unique applications like ESD, flame retardant, or food-safe properties. Lastly, customers can use their own custom materials and create printing profiles since the Omega I60 is an open material platform with no limitations.

  • What is the Omega Launchpad Program?

    To let customers experience Omega I60, BCN3D has devised the Omega Launchpad Program, aimed at businesses of all shapes and sizes. By participating in this program, individuals can anticipate being among the first to explore the capabilities of the new BCN3D Omega I60, witnessing its true potential through the creation of tangible, 3D printed parts. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with a dedicated Additive Manufacturing applications engineer who will provide personalized assistance in analyzing and developing custom solutions specifically designed for the integration of the Omega I60 within their respective organizations.