BCN3D Filaments

Industrial-grade materials designed to deliver outstanding results for BCN3D printers and manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical. BCN3D Filaments, formulated to ensure the highest print quality, are common polymers in several industries and cover the majority of the technical applications.


Light / Moisture resistant / Chemical resistant

PP is a lightweight material with very high chemical resistance, ideal for water-tight containers and durable parts.


Light / Chemical resistant / UV resistance

PP GF30 combines the low density and chemical resistance of polypropylene with the stiffness and dimensional stability given by the glass fibre filler.


Stiff / Impact resistant / Heat resistant

Its great mechanical and thermal behaviour make ABS the ideal polymer for countless applications.


High temperature / Stiff / Wear resistant

High temperature PA with carbon fiber allows to work under 150ºC continuous temperatures in comparison to a standard PA and 15% carbon fiber reinforcement makes it stiffer.


Hidrosoluble / Support material / Easy

PVA is a water soluble polymer, ideal to work as support material to print complex geometries, large overhangs or intricate cavities.


Wear resistant / Low friction / Impact resistant

Thanks to characteristics like durability, flexibility and wear resistance, PA is ideal for multiple applications in the 3D printing field, like end-use parts or custom jigs and fixtures.


Moisture resistant / Heat resistant / Easy

PET-G is a versatile technical material, as easy to print as PLA, but with an improved balance of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.


Flexible / Wear resistant / Tough

With Shore-A hardness of 98, TPU is a resistant material for several industrial applications, with outstanding mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance.


Easy / Multipurpose / Multi-color

PLA is the most common used filament in FFF 3D printers for its ease of use and wide range of applications, specially those not mechanically or thermally demanding.