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Industrial Series

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Tax Identification Number: B67235069,
C/ Miquel Servet, 18,
08850 Gavà, Barcelona
Registered with the Barcelona Mercantile Registry, in volume 46500, Section 53, Sheet 8, and page B-522014, 1st Inscription.


1.1. Accessing the Website

These general conditions (hereinafter, the “General Conditions”) regulate the access and use of the website offered by BCN3D through (hereinafter, the “Website“). Trough this Website, BCN3D, provides the users with information of its services, activities, whitepapers and other related information (hereinafter, the “Service”).

1.2. Acceptance of General Conditions and of Specific Conditions where Applicable

Access to the Service requires acceptance of these General Conditions by Users, and as a result we ask that Users read them carefully before using the Service. If you do not accept these General Conditions, we ask that you abstain from using the Website and its content.

The access to the Website and some of the related services may be subject to specific conditions which BCN3D may establish at any given moment. These conditions may complete, amend or substitute the General Conditions, as the case may be. Hereinafter, any such conditions, or any other specific conditions from other services offered by BCN3D at any given moment, will be referred to as “Specific Conditions”.

In addition, BCN3D hereby informs Users that these General Conditions and any Specific Conditions, where applicable, may be adapted or modified at any time without prior notification. As a result, the User will have to read and accept any new versions of the General Conditions and, where applicable, the Specific Conditions.

1.3. Registration and Identification of the User on our Website (Electronic Signature)

BCN3D does not require prior subscription or registration to simply browse or access some of the services offered on the Website. Nevertheless, to make active use of the Service at BCN3D, it is required to register and create a profile through the “Sign Up” section.

During the registration process, the User will be required to accept these General Conditions and, where necessary, any applicable Specific Conditions.

In particular, the User shall provide an email address and a personal password in order to make full use of BCN3D. These identifying mechanisms and their use via the BCN3D Application which the User will have to download will serve as an electronic signature for the User in all its interactions with BCN3D and with Candidates seeking employment through BCN3D (hereinafter, “Electronic Signature”).

Every User’s Electronic Signature will be personal and non-transferable. It will be the obligation of the User to communicate any changes to their personal information to BCN3D. It is the responsibility of the User to take due care to prevent access and/or unauthorized use by third parties that may access or use the Electronic Signature in its name. In addition, the User will have sole responsibility for the selection, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any identifying password or code and for any consequences thereof.

In any case, the User shall be fully responsible for the proper use of the Service, the BCN3D Application and the Electronic Signature. The User must abstain from using these for purposes that are illegal or contrary to the provisions of these General Conditions or any Specific Conditions


Below, we will list the services BCN3D currently offers through its Website.

Nevertheless, BCN3D may offer new services to Users or modify existing services at any time.

2.1. 3D Printers

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about the 3D Printers it sells.

2.2. Software

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about the software used in its products, such as printing programs and other programs available to users at any time.

2.3. Filaments

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about several industrial materials designed to be used in 3D Printers. BCN3D filaments, designed to ensure the highest print quality, are common polymers in various industries and cover most of the technical applications.

2.4. Industries

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about the main industries that use 3D Printers and other BCN3D products and services.

2.5. Resources

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about different sections that may be of interest, such as our Blog, information on Events, Success Stories or Press news that may be useful to our Users.

2.6. Support

Through this section, BCN3D makes available to Users’ information about the option to contact our specialists on 3D printing and with our technical service, in such a way that the User can directly manage with them any issues or incidents that may arise.

2.7. Information about BCN3D and additional information

BCN3D makes also available to Users’ information about BCN3D itself, as well as any other information that at any time it considers may be of interest to the User.


3.1. Operation of the Website

BCN3D does its best to keep the Website in good working order, avoiding errors or repairing them when necessary, and keeping Website content up to date. Nevertheless, BCN3D does not guarantee the availability and continuity of access to the Website, or the absence of errors in its content; neither does it guarantee that these will always be updated in a timely fashion. The User accepts this and shall undertake to exercise maximum diligence and prudence when accessing and browsing on the Website, or when using the content, information and services available therein.

3.2. Amendments to the information on the Website

BCN3D reserves the right to amend, delete or update the information contained on the Website, its configuration or presentation at any time and without need for prior warning.

3.3. Website Content

Users are committed and undertake not to use the information available on the Website in any way that may constitute a violation of regulations or that may be contrary to common decency or morality or to the image and good professional name of BCN3D and its collaborators.

BCN3D shall not be held responsible for the possible consequences that may result from any inappropriate use or negligence on the part of Users regarding such content.

3.4. Use of information of the Website

Both access to the Website and the use of any information contained therein are the sole responsibility of the Company. As a result, BCN3D is not responsible for any damages, whether direct or indirect, which may arise from access to or use of the information contained on the Website.

Furthermore, BCN3D is not responsible for any damage to Company software or hardware that may result from their use of the Website.

3.5. BCN3D’s Damages Disclaimer

In addition to what has already been stated, and to the extent permitted by Law and excluding what may be stated elsewhere in the remaining General Conditions or Specific Conditions, under no circumstances will BCN3D be responsible for personal damages, whether accidental, special, direct or indirect, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, loss of data, interruption to business or any other commercial damages or losses related to the use or unavailability of the application, whatever the cause may be, and regardless of the theory of responsibility (contractual, extra-contractual or of any other type), and even if the User or Reviewer has been warned of the risk of such damages. Under no circumstances will responsibility for any damages (unless stated otherwise in applicable legislation) exceed five thousand euros (€5,000).


4.1. The User is aware of and willingly accepts that it is exclusively responsible for the use it makes of the Service. As a result, it will be responsible for any damages of any nature that BCN3D may suffer as a result of a failure to comply with any of the obligations which the User accepts as a result of these General Conditions, Specific Conditions, the Privacy Policy or any legislation applicable to the use of this Service.


5.1. BCN3D is not responsible in any way for the use or content of hypertext links to third-party websites, nor does their existence imply that BCN3D endorses, agrees with, guarantees or recommends the linked websites.

5.2. In addition, third parties who intend to use a hypertext link leading to BCN3D’s website must first obtain prior, express, written consent from BCN3D. Either way, BCN3D does not accept any manner of responsibility arising from the use or content of third-party hypertext links.


6.1. Both in the event that you provide us with your email address so that we keep you informed of BCN3D products and services, as in the event that, while browsing, asking questions, making requests or conducting simulations through the Website or by purchasing BCN3D products and services, the User provides us with information of a personal nature, the provisions of BCN3D’s Privacy and Commercial Communications Policy, which will have to have accepted beforehand.


7.1. All Website content (including, but not limited to, databases, images, photographs, patents, utility and industrial models, drawings, computer graphics, software, audio, video and text files) is the property of BCN3D or of its content providers, and in the latter case, they have been licensed or transferred by said providers, and are protected by Spanish and international law regarding industrial and intellectual property. The compilation (meaning collection, design, organization and preparation) of all the Website content is the exclusive property of BCN3D and is protected by applicable regulations regarding intellectual and industrial property.

7.2. All software involved in the use and development of the Website is the property of BCN3D or of its software providers and is protected by industrial and intellectual property laws.

7.3. The brands, signs, identifying symbols or logos that appear on the Website are the property of BCN3D or of its content providers, and have been duly registered or are in the process of being registered. The names of other products, services and companies that appear in this document or on the Website may be brands or other registered identifying symbols of their respective and legitimate owners.

7.4. All texts, images, videos or audio media are the property of BCN3D or of its content providers, and may not be subject to subsequent modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the User or by third parties without the express authorization of the owners of the content in question.

7.5. Under no circumstances does the provision to Users of access to databases, images, photographs, patents, utility and industrial models, drawings, computer graphics, software, audio, video and text files that are the property of BCN3D or its content providers included on the Website, constitute the transfer of their property rights or the granting of the right to use them to the User, apart from what is strictly necessary for their use as intended as part of the Service.

7.6. Any use of Website content without the authorization of BCN3D is expressly forbidden, including its exploitation, copying, publication, transformation, distribution, transmission by any means, subsequent publication, exhibition, public communication or total or partial reproduction. Any of these will constitute violations of BCN3D’s intellectual property rights, and will be punishable under applicable legislation.


8.1. BCN3D grants the Company a right or license for use, not to sell, for the use of the Service through the Website, to which the terms included herein shall apply (hereinafter, the “Licence”). BCN3D reserves any rights not expressly granted.

8.2. The Licence for the use of the Service through the Website is a non-transferable licence for the use of this Website on any compatible device the Company possesses or controls, in accordance with what is permitted in the regulations established in these General Conditions. This License does not allow the Company to use the Website through other devices that the Company does not posses or control, and it may not make the Website available or distribute it on a network so that it can be used by multiple mobile devices at the same time.

8.3. The Company may not rent, lease, borrow, sell, redistribute or sub-license the Website. The Company may not copy, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, attempt to identify the source code thereof, modify or create employment derived from the Website, any of its upgrades, or any part of it (except where this restriction is limited by applicable laws or by any of the terms of the license of use or of any of the open source components included in the License). Any attempt to do so will constitute a violation of the rights of BCN3D. Should the Company fail to comply with these restrictions, it may result in legal action being taken against them, and the obligation to pay for damages. The terms of the License also cover any updates carried out by BCN3D that substitute and/or complement the Service, unless that update includes an individual license, in which case the terms of that license will apply.

8.4. The License shall remain in force until it is terminated by the Company or by BCN3D. The rights granted under this License will be revoked without prior warning should the Company fail to comply with any of the terms of the General Conditions, Specific Conditions or the Privacy Policy. Upon termination of the license, the Company will be obligated to cease use of the Website and to uninstall or destroy any total or partial copies thereof.


9.1. All terms put forth in these Conditions for Access and Use will be applicable to any use of the Services by the User using a mobile telephone, other mobile devices or computer devices that enable access to the Website.

9.2. To this end, the User is hereby informed that BCN3D does not charge for mobile access to the content or services of the Website, but that User’s telephone service provider will apply whatever charge was agreed upon for receiving and sending data.

9.3. BCN3D is not responsible for any of the restrictions that the telephone service provider may apply and that may result in the content or services offered on the Website not being easily accessible.


10.1. Access to and use of the Service will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.

10.2. Any dispute that may arise between BCN3D and Users will be settled by the Courts of Law of the City of Barcelona (Spain), and both parties expressly waive any right to any other jurisdiction they may be subject to.