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BCN3D Stratos software is your one-stop solution for pinpoint precision

Today, we release our BCN3D Stratos, a free slicing software bursting with new upgrades to elevate your printing process to a faster, more efficient, and infinitely creative level. Indulge in new features such as a new user interface, new settings panel, and orthographic and perspective cameras to get your print exactly how you envisioned it.  

At BCN3D we work to provide customers with better solutions, especially those with advanced manufacturing needs within the 3D printing industry. Over the past year, our engineers have been hard at work on our latest passion project, putting their heart and soul into matching the high performance of our printers with an upgraded software tool to significantly improve the printing process of our users.

 Today, we launch this new slicing software for our Sigma and Epsilon 3D printers: BCN3D Stratos. Our updated version of the renowned Open Source Cura software comes with a new interface, seamless communication between BCN3D Stratos and the Epsilon product family, and new slicing features. 

New Stratos software

What’s new?

IDEX reaches its full potential

BCN3D Stratos easily incorporates the benefits of the IDEX system: simply merge multi-material models, generate support structures or even cut down printing times by combining hotends with different nozzle sizes.

IDEX technology

New user interface

The new BCN3D Stratos features a new user interface that streamlines the slicing experience for both casual and advanced users.

New user interface

Format file flexibility

Importing your files to Stratos is intuitive and stress-free. Upload files of a broad range of formats swiftly through ways such as clicking on the folder icon to browse files, and dragging and dropping directly.

Mirror and duplication modes

With a user-friendly tool and customizable settings, make use of the unique feature of controlling two print heads to double your productivity. It’s now easier than ever to make the most of IDEX technology.

Mirror and duplication modes

Integrated printing profiles

BCN3D Stratos works using validated printing profiles to increase the printing success rate. Just select the installed hotends and materials on the printer to get the right set of parameters. And, of course, expert users can still tweak more than 500 parameters.

Printing profiles

New settings panel

You can now drag the settings panel and position it anywhere on your screen. Simply double-click the header and the settings panel will return to the default position.

New settings panel

Orthographic and perspective cameras

You can now choose between orthographic and perspective camera views in BCN3D Stratos, allowing you to review your models the way you want.

Object list

If you want to print multiple parts at the same time on the large build plate of the BCN3D Epsilon, the object list will save you time. The object list helps you easily identify models on your build plate based on their filename.

Object list

Align face to build plate

Orient complex models by simply selecting a face of it to rest on the build plate.

Infill options

New infill options are available on BCN3D Stratos. With the new Gyroid infill, you can create lightweight parts with high resistance.


Remote printing connection

Add a cloud printer and send your sliced models directly to your Sigma or Epsilon 3D printers through BCN3D Stratos.

Visualization options

After slicing, Stratos offers a variety of preview types to ensure pinpoint accuracy. While Layer View provides visualization of each section of your print, X-ray View reveals internal parts and hidden geometries. Change the color scheme to examine every detail of travels, helpers, shell, and infill settings.


Download now

BCN3D Stratos is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download BCN3D Stratos today to discover all these above-mentioned features and more, to take your slicing experience to the next level.