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ColorFabb: heading to new applications

During the last TCT show in Birmingham, BCN3DTechnologies introduced the new BCN3D Sigma, an FFF printer with dual independent extruder able to combine two materials in the same print.

BCN3D Technologies became interested in the colorFabb materials to provide the final users with a range of different materials and a combination of possibilities that finally let the BCN3DSigma to perform at its best capacities.




On the other side, colorFabb showed interest in the BCN3DSigma for its ability to combine materials and the possibility to have a tool that helps its engineers to keep developing new materials adapted to the 3D Printers on the market.

Exotic and technical materials, such as WoodFill, CopperFill or ColorFabb_XT enable new uses and possibilities in the 3D Printing market. Adding a BCN3DSigma to this equation allows the combination of unique materials and boosts the possibilities.




Following this idea, colorFabb and BCN3DTechnologies set up a collaboration project to make both companies able to explore new possibilities and empower the BCN3D users to push the limits of 3D printing.

Both companies have been working together for a while now. ColorFabb technical staffs have a BCN3DSigma in its facilities, and BCN3D Technologies is evaluating every material in the ColorFabb portfolio.

The co-operation is based in three main pillars:

  • ColorFabb will have BCN3DSigma printers in its facilities to create printing profiles, develop new materials and applications, especially regarding multi-material parts and support material.
  • BCN3D Technologies will distribute the ColorFabb portfolio in Spain and Portugal, giving technical support to the Spanish-speaking community, and also will team up with colorFabb to develop new applications and materials.
  • Fundació CIM, well known for being the leading prototype center in Spain, will work to generate a series of post-processing guides for the special colorFabb materials that will be published for all the ColorFabb users to be able to get the best results.


First results on this Project will be shown at the RapidPro, a well-known faire on 3D Printing within Europe. Come visit BCN3D and ColorFabb during 1, 2 and 3rd of March in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.



About colorFabb
Headquartered in Venlo, the Netherlands, colorFabb ventured into 3D printing in 2013 as brand of Helian Polymers by producing high-quality filaments, which are developed and produced in the Netherlands. In September 2015, colorFabb became its own entity. With functionality for 3D printing as a priority, colorFabb has already found a worldwide customer base. Today, colorFabb is run by a multidisciplinary team that aims to supply the 3D printing community with the highest quality filament possible.

For more information, visit colorFabb or contact them at