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Digital manufacturing for everyone

The “Ateneus de Fabricació” are a commitment of the city of Barcelona to promote technological learning and dynamics of employment in the context of digital manufacturing. It consists in a public space that encourages and supports social innovation projects, creation and learning through digital manufacturing using 3D printing machines, laser cutting, vinyl cutting and milling.

The aim of the initiative is to bring and approach the technology to the citizens, regardless of their background, origin, age or profession, three programs are implemented:

  • The Teaching Program:
    is carried out in collaboration with the Education Consortium of Barcelona. It provides the schools with the possibility of attending to visits, workshops and participate in school projects in order to introduce students into the world of digital manufacturing. Similarly, courses and training aimed specifically offered to teachers.

  • The Social Innovation Program:
    promotes collaboration in the creation and in the search for answers and social opportunities, with the aim of improving our communities and neighborhoods. Working with associative networks, concerned groups and entrepreneurs, proposing new ideas to reverse in the community.

  • The Family Program:
    is aimed to the neighborhood residents. The goal is to arouse their curiosity and provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge in order to develop projects and introduce them into digital technology.


Moreover, the “Ateneus de Fabricació” promote and encourage the co-working by the “Xarxa d’Ateneus de Fabricació” (XAF), which is composed by “Ateneus de Ciutat Meridiana”, “Fábrica del Sol” and “les Corts”. This net of fabrication centers allows the people from different parts of the city and different skills, get in contact in order to develop multidisciplinary projects. All the projects created are ‘open source’, so everyone in the world can download, modify and have access to them.

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BCN3D technologies and Fundació CIM has supported the initiative from the beginning, providing technological support and know-how. All fabrication centers have the popular RepRap 3D printer BCN3D+. Recently, the new DLP machine BCN3D Lux was also incorporated. Furthermore, the new BCN3D Sigma and BCN3D Ignis are also planned to be included in the following months, due to its high quantity of applications.

BCN3D Technologies and Fundació CIM are involved in the tutoring of the fabrication centers of  “la Fábrica del Sol” and  “Ciutat Meridiana”, where all the knowledge of digital manufacturing acquired by more than 20 years of experience is provided.

So if you are curious and you desire to learn, experiment and innovate within a technological and collaborative environment, you will be welcome at any of the “Ateneus de Fabricació” of Barcelona.