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Introducing new firmware 1.8.2, together with additional Stratos material profiles and enhanced Open Filament Network.

We, at BCN3D, have been working closely to enhance the printing experience and open up new possibilities for your projects. Today, we are announcing an update for the Epsilon Series firmware that includes major improvements together with new Stratos printing profiles that have been designed to increase the quality of printed parts & the release of 10 new compatible filaments for the Open Filament Network! So, let’s dive in and discover all the news we have for you!

New firmware 1.8.2 Features:

New welcome wizard

  • Update screen to download the latest firmware version.
  • Registration to cloud for new coming users.
  • Build plate leveling screen to tune the printer’s bed.
  • Test print screen to ensure an optimal printer configuration.

New mesh mapping process

  • Mesh mapping improvement and cleaning routine optimization: More accurate and fine-tuned results when performing mesh mapping.
  • New mesh mapping screens.
  • Mesh mapping is switched off after material change.

Other improvements

  • Updated SigmaSBC version to v0.25.0.
  • Updated Marlin FW version to v0.20.0.
  • Printing time: It used to count the elapsed time, now it counts the remaining calculated time (countdown).
  • Heating process screen: The bed temperature was not shown on screen, now it is.

New Stratos Profiles

Printing profiles are a key factor of the printing process as they include variables such as temperature, speed and layer height. The quality of the final parts depends on the printing profile used, as well as the characteristics of the material being printed.  We have put a great effort in developing new printing profiles that have been designed to increase the quality of printed parts. These new profiles are included in the latest version of our Stratos slicing software. By optimizing the printing process and fine-tuning the settings for specific materials, our customers will be able to print parts with smoother surfaces, finer details, and better overall quality with less material consumption. This is especially important for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical, where high-quality parts are essential.

In addition to quality improvements, the new printing profiles also promise to boost print speeds. By optimizing the printing process and reducing print times, users will be able to produce more parts in less time, improving efficiency and productivity. This is a major advantage for those manufacturers  who need to produce parts quickly and efficiently.

The new profiles include:

  • PLA 0.4 Standard
  • ABS 0.4 Standard
  • Tough PLA 0.4 Standard
  • PETG-G 0.4 Standard
  • BVOH 0.4 Standard

Upgrade your printing experience by downloading the last version of Stratos here:

Enhancing the Open Filament Network 

We are excited to announce the release of 10 new filaments that will be included in the BCN3D Open Filament Network.

These new profiles have been carefully developed and tested by industry-leading brands such as BASF, ESSENTIUM, and CMG to ensure optimal performance on the BCN3D machines, allowing greater flexibility and ease of use in the printing process. The new profiles include:

With these new filaments, users can achieve higher levels of quality, speed, and efficiency in their printing processes, opening up new possibilities for design and manufacturing. We are thrilled to be able to offer these new profiles to our customers and look forward to seeing the amazing creations they will produce with them.  Visit the Open Filament Network.

We will be soon launching more filament profiles! If you’re a filament manufacturer interested in creating compatible profiles for our 3D printers,  we’d love to hear from you! Send an email to the address below: