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Mark your limits with the BCN3D Ignis V2017


We are proud to introduce the new BCN3D Ignis V2017, launched with a special offer until the end of the year.

The revolution that digital manufacturing has generated is not only limited to 3D printers. Other technologies such as laser cutting have a great deal to contribute to this procedural change, characterized by the evolution of manufacturing technologies.

At BCN3D Technologies we know that this revolution transcends the boundaries of 3D Printing. For this reason, after having achieved the recognition the BCN3D Sigma deserves, we present our improved laser cutting machine: The BCN3D Ignis V2017.

This new version of the BCN3D Ignis borns in response to the feedback received by its users and with the intention of satisfying the market demands. Thus, we are facing a machine focused on the user, creating a really user-friendly experience while increasing the range of applications.


The calibration process of the BCN3D Ignis used to be complicated and laborious. Due to the lenses adjustment being done using the CO2 beam, the door had to be opened and closed repeatedly manually until the process was done. That is why the BCN3D Ignis V2017 incorporates a Beam Combiner, which is an optical laser visible to the human eye and harmless. This system allows the user to fuse the CO2 laser with the visible beam, which enables a continuous calibration process with the door opened. In this way, we do not only reduce the needed time to calibrate the machine, but also neutralize the dangerousness of the process.

In addition, unlike other machines on the market, the BCN3D Ignis is equipped with a motorized cutting table and an autofocus system. The combination of both permits the option of setting the correct height for each material thickness in order to perform a comfortable and efficient experience. Moreover, it allows engraving objects up to 290mm in height.
As to the control of the machine itself, the BCN3D Ignis V2017 also presents an improvement over its predecessor. RDWorks increases the file management options by the user, allowing both the modification of the drawings and the parameterization of the laser operations. Furthermore, it also allows exporting directly from Adobe Illustrator.

In this way, the BCN3D Ignis V2017 is not only one of our most versatile machines in terms of applications, but also offers the necessary facilities so that the user can perform them effortlessly and without having previous advanced technical knowledge.

Mark, cut, and engrave

The BCN3D Ignis V2017 is able to work on a wide range of materials, such as wood, methacrylate, steel, aluminum, stone, or cardboard among many others. Moreover, with our laser cutting machine, you can customize your products, making them unique and, at the same time, more attractive to the consumer.

Thus, our laser cutting machine has demonstrated its skills in fields ranging from personalization, modeling and crafts applications to the cutting and engraving of industrial products.

Are you interested in promoting your brand in a unique way? The answer to these and many other questions is found in the BCN3D Ignis V2017.

For more information on the characteristics and technical specifications of the machine, do not hesitate to consult the page of the BCN3D Ignis V2017 on our website.

With the intention of fostering the symbiotic advancement of digital manufacturing technologies, BCN3D Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of an unprecedented offer that will be placed until the end of 2016. With the acquisition of BCN3D Ignis V2017 BCN3D Technologies will include a BCN3D Sigma totally free.

Now you can combine the unquestionable quality of the prints of one of the best-valued 3D printers on the market, together with a laser cutting machine and its endless number of applications.