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Meet Our Partners: 3DMart (Taiwan)

When General Manager of 3DMart Artem Kasht moved to Taiwan, he was looking for an exciting industry in which to dedicate his time to. He sat down with us to talk about the evolution of 3D printing, and its strengths that he thinks will continue to propel the technology further in the near future.

Can you tell us a fun fact about your company?

“Our company is located in Taiwan and Hong Kong and so we have two offices, one in each country. It was actually founded, not by a local Taiwanese, but by me! I’m originally from Russia, which usually customers don’t expect to see in Taiwan. In the beginning, I was visiting customers in person, and they were not expecting to see the foreign face. I usually write emails in Chinese as I can speak and write the language, so I have people thinking I’m local until we meet in person!”

Where does your love for 3D printing come from? 

“When we originally started, I thought that 3D printing was booming and there would be an increase in the needs of consumables and materials. So, when we founded the company, I was primarily focused on selling these. After that, I realised we were actually the only store with so much diversity of materials listed on our website in Taiwan. At that time it was all about metals, wood… anything you could find in the market, we had! 

Then, we realised that we were growing slowly and needed something bigger. Since we were already involved in the 3D printing industry, it was a sensible decision to go for the hardware. We sold this along with the consumables, and we do all the hardware locally. It has all just happened very smoothly. In the first year, we had already acquired some hardware, and by the second year we had already expanded to Hong Kong. 

We continue to do this, which is now called digital manufacturing. We sell 3D printers, 3D scanners, other CNC equipment, and these kinds of things.”

What do you love the most about working in the 3D printing industry? 

“First of all, I personally like that it is rapidly changing and it is quite competitive to be able to stay on the market. I like to see how it’s developing, what kind of technology is going forward, what kind of technology may be going backward, and so on. 

I like that my position is to choose the right products for our company. For example, maybe now a technology is just starting, so you need to understand what the market offers, what kind of industries will use it and how it will develop in the future. 

With 3D printing, we’re not actually limited to any industries, so we can get involved with basically any industry you have on the market, such as, automotive, Ebrand electronics, schools, hospitals, designers, architecture…  We can talk to every one of them and see what their needs are, how they are doing things right now, and what they want to improve with 3D printing. It’s so interesting as you are not limited because of 3D printing being a very wide application tool. 

Other industries are perhaps more mature; in a smaller industry you might talk with the same people who have been raised in that industry, so you might get tired of it. But with ours, what we have is customer-based and always changing. For example,  a new generation of printers come out, and subsequently more industries are able to adopt them, and then they are able to complete a wider range of applications.” 

Why did you choose to work with us at BCN3D?

“We are the reseller or distributor, and so we are in charge of doing the local marketing and the local support. We print the samples for customers, install the printers, we do the training, we offer support for the customer, and we repair the printer if something goes wrong. Therefore, in this kind of business we like to deal with reliable brands with reliable products. 

First of all, BCN3D has already been on the market for some time –  it’s not just come out a couple of months ago. It’s already been a famous brand for a few years on the market, and that’s what we look for in a supplier in the first place. 

Then, we look at the technical parameters. BCN3D offers very big print volume printers, which is comparatively rare on the market. And the second factor is of course the IDEX technology; when you buy a BCN3D printer, it’s not only that you can print with the big volume capacity of the printer, you also can use the duplication mode.”

To whom would you recommend our 3D printers and why?

“We would recommend BCN3D to anyone who needs big prints, or small batches of the same product in which case you can use mirror or duplication mode.” 

The next time you visit our offices in Barcelona, what can we get you for a drink?  

“To be honest, I didn’t know much about the drinks in Spain, but after a Google search I found Sangria which I would love to try!”