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Meet Our Partners: IGO3D (Germany)

Athanassios Kotrotsios, Managing Director of IGO3D, joined us for a chat from his office in the German city of Hannover. He told us about his company’s huge influence on the distribution of 3D printers all across Europe, and his love for working in an industry that is always evolving. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about the company?

“IGO3D was the first company selling desktop 3D printers in Europe, and the first with a physical shop in Germany. Since then, we have been continuously growing. Now we have 70 employees across Europe, and last year we made a turnover of 22 million euros. We are probably the biggest distributor for 3D printers in Europe! We currently have different locations in Russia, Switzerland, Austria… and many more to come.”

When, how, and why was the company founded?

“The company was founded in 2013, with the vision to expand accessibility to 3D printing. Our founders wanted to push this revolutionary technology to be available in everyone’s homes and production facilities. We launched the first online shop for desktop 3D printers in Europe in several different stores across Germany, in cities such as Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

We started to create specific content about 3D printing in order to demonstrate its possibilities and show how to use it. We saw the hype about 3D printing and promoted the technology at several trade shows and local events, on television, and through several social media channels. Today, we believe more than ever in the power and possibilities of 3D printing, and continue to spread the message.”

Where does your love for 3D printing come from? 

In the beginning I was not sure about 3D printing, but I wanted to work in a young company in a dynamic market. So, after my master’s degree in business administration, that’s why I started work at IGO3D in 2015. Really early on, I began to take on responsibilities, develop different markets and to also visit our customers in person. I soon realized how powerful 3D printing is and the numerous benefits it has for users. It’s really great to see our customers react when they have the 3D printed part in their hand. It’s really a unique feeling to see the benefits that 3D printing can generate! This is what I really love about 3D printing.”

To whom would you recommend our 3D printers and why?

“I would recommend BCN3D to everyone who wants to produce small batches. Your solutions offer great advantages for this kind of production. With the IDEX technology, the big printing volume, as well as a great variety of materials and the smart software, you offer a solution for everyone that wants to succeed at 3D printing.”

How do you see the future of 3D Printing?

“I predict that even more companies will realize the potential of 3D printing and implement it. More and more materials will be released, and therefore increase the possibilities of different applications with 3D printing. In the future, factors like on-demand production, local production, reduction of the supply chain, design freedom, and production of small batches will be more important. Additive manufacturing enables all of these things, and that is why I see 3D printing as an important component of the future of production processes.”

Let us ask you a very important questions to finish… the next time you visit our offices in Barcelona, what can we get you for a drink?  

“I’m really looking forward to visiting you in Barcelona very soon, to have a drink in Parc Güell, and some beers afterwards while watching a basketball game at the Palau Blaugrana!”