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Meet Our Partners: Systematics (Israel)

Our next installment in our Meet Our Partners series brings us to Systematics in Israel, where we speak to manager Nir Glaser. An avid supporter of 3D printing solutions as a way of changing the future, Nir has always had a fascination with the journey 3D printing is on.

Can you tell us a fun fact about your company? 

“Here at Systematics, we just recently celebrated 40 years of being in the market. We have four different product lines, which encompass everything in and around 3D printing. Of course, BCN3D lies in the heart of this, and we see it as the most evolved business unit in Systematics with a great future ahead of it!”

When, how, and why was your company founded? 

“So, as I mentioned before, Systematics was founded 40 years ago by two brothers. We are in the market of 3D solutions, where we started with software, technical computation and graphical information systems, and then added the business unit of 3D printing. We took our first early steps with 3D printing in 2014, and we evolved together with the technology. We introduce new technology to engineering companies in Israel for a variety of different industries.” 

Where does your love for 3D printing come from? How did it start?

“I graduated from university back in 1999 and started to work with CAD models, designing and developing CAD solutions. That was my first step into 3D printing, and then, when I participated in different events, I got really interested.  At that point, I knew that one day I would join the journey of 3D printing and a few years later, I did exactly that! First, I started at a company that developed 3D printers, and then moved to Systematics, to continue to work with different technologies, and to experience the exciting developments in 3D printing.” 

Why did you choose to work with us at BCN3D?

“We were looking for a solution that would enrich our portfolio and provide an FDM solution for professional users. We found BCN3D, with its big print volume printers, and engineering materials. This, in combination with BCN3D’s professionalism, brought us to our decision to explore new industries and solutions together with their team.”

To whom would you recommend our 3D printers and why?

“To any product developer or manufacturer looking for professional solutions with engineering materials, I would recommend testing solutions and experiencing BCN3D.  I would recommend BCN3D for developing jigs, fixtures, prototypes, and even end-use parts for your product, in development, or in the manufacture of end-use products. The engineering materials make a huge difference too!”

Last, but not least… the next time you visit our offices in Barcelona, what can we get you for a drink?  

“That’s an easy one, I always have room for another beer!”