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We continue leading the ranking of 3D Hubs

After we came up as leaders last month in the ranking of 3D desktop printers most valued of this renowned portal 3D digital printing, it is again a source of pride to announce that this May we have kept the said first position.


If reaching the top of the ranking meant a great deal of pride for us, as it was nothing but the recognition of the users to our work, staying in the first position for the second month in a row makes us feel even more proud and pleased. Because, as everyone know, it is difficult to reach the top in any aspect or situation, but it is harder to stay in it.

On the other hand, this recognition is a clear sign that our BCN3D Sigma begins to be recognized by users of 3D printing as much as its characteristics and applications deserve. So, we can say, after this long time of hard work, we are track in order to accomplish our main goal of bringing 3D printing technology to the general public is concerned.




The BCN3D Sigma is a next-generation 3D printer which incorporates the IDEX system (Independent Dual Extruder), a fact that allows you to print parts of two different colors or materials in one print. In addition, its minimum layer height allows you to print pieces of great quality, as the 3D users have pointed again.