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The perfect combination of quality and variety



Since we started our collaboration with colorFabb colorFabb during last year’s TCT Birmingham Show, the Dutch label has done anything but demonstrate the quality and variety of its large materials range.

An example of that is the special materials range they offer, in which PLA is combined with other materials particles such as cork, bronze, bamboo, or copper, among others. Testing them as a goal, BCN3D Technologies has printed a high detail level part in order to prove, at the same time, the material quality.

We printed three versions of a little lighthouse, using Corkfill, Woodfill, and Bronzefill, three of the exotic materials we can find on the colorFabb material offer. The result of our test was fully satisfactory.

If you want to print this part, you will find the archive on the FOLLOWING link.

One of the main advantages of this range of materials is that, after polishing the printed part, it shows an impressive finish, disappearing any trace to differentiate the layers and, at the same time, acquiring the characteristic shine of the material of what is made.

These characteristics make the colorFabb filaments the perfect election for printing your own pieces.

Thus, we confirmed, once again, our BCN3D Sigma and the filaments developed by colorFabb make a pretty great team inside the 3D printing world.