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Upgrade kits: Update your old BCN3D Sigma with the new BCN3D Sigma R17 features

During the last year we got a lot of feedback from our customers, reviewers, users, distributors and partners about the BCN3D Sigma. This feedback mixed up with the strong desire from our design team to enhance the Sigma’s versatility while printing with the IDEX (Independent Dual Extrusion) system.

From that feedback and that strong desire borns the Sigma Release 2017 that we quoted with: Reengineering Versatility.

Obviously, the amount of feedback received outpaces the possibility to implement all these little solutions into the BCN3D Sigma as it is. We introduced a bunch of little redesigns from some simple printed parts to the major components like the Stepper Drivers.

With the intention of maintaining the confidence of the costumers that already own a BCN3D Sigma, we have designed these enhancements in order to be able to be sold also as an upgrade kit. Therefore, any owner of an original BCN3D Sigma will have the possibility to update their machine with the new features we have incorporated into the Sigma R17. Our experience says that being Open Source it has no sense to keep the older users trapped in old features waiting them to purchase a new machine to catch up with the rest of the community. Instead, we wanted the maximum number of users to enjoy the new features, those who have the, let say, “old” Sigma version and the new Sigma R17.

The stepper driver kit and the smart fan kit are the result of this effort of improvement in our products regardless of its day of purchase.

We also presented the Hotend Family, composed by hotends with nozzles from 0,3mm to 1,0mm, where each of them outperforms at a specific situation: from getting the best surfaces, to print as fast as possible, and also including the ability to print with abrasive materials, like those infused with metal particles or carbon fibers. With this new family, a large number of nozzle combinations are possible. This will allow any BCN3D Sigma owner to enjoy a new 3D printing experience.

In addition, to facilitate the printing process for the user, we have created a profile generator, the Sigma ProGen, a web tool that automatically generates proper profiles for Cura and Simplify3D according to the mounted Hotends on your Sigma, the loaded Filaments and quality finishes you want to achieve.


Following the same pattern that we used for the upgrades, we decided to make this hotend family compatible with all the Sigmas on the market, even if the user decides not to upgrade the Sigma to Sigma R17. This way, again, we let users enjoy new features without waiting from them to buy extra upgrades or complete machines.

A part of these changes regarding the printer performance, we decided to upgrade less important aspects of the machine. The touchscreen is no doubt more friendly with the user, and the little changes on colors and labeling permits the machine to have a new look. None of this changes are needed from the early Sigma buyers to print better parts so that we decided to keep this changes with no upgrade kit.

In conclusion, the stepper drivers kit and the smart fan kit let the users of the Sigma become Sigma R17 users. And the Hotend Family is the improvement that permit the user enjoy a more versatile open hardware 3d printer.

Enjoy Sigma, as we enjoy designing and building them!