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A 3D printed prosthetic hand improves Sara’s quality of life

Using IDEX technology in a BCN3D Sigma, Domotek and Enabling the Future have created a 3D printed prosthetic hand for Sara to improve her quality of life.

Sara's 3D printed prosthetic hand
Sara and her classmates observing the final prosthetic hand (RTVE, 2017).

When we hear “quality of life”, we normally think big. We imagine sunbathing on a tropical beach, or taking a deep breath atop a mountain. However, sometimes it’s the small things that can really determine someone’s quality of life. 

This is the case of Sara, a Spanish girl who was born with a malformation on her right hand that prevents her from being able to use it properly.  

In March of this year, Spanish television program El árbol de los deseos from RTVE, visited Sara at her school with an important gift for her: a fully 3D printed prosthetic hand.

A few months prior, RTVE contacted Koldo, manager of DomoTek, to ask him to develop the prosthetic hand. Domotek is a company that offers 3D printing machines and services, and is passionate about social change projects. Domotek is part of the Enabling the Future non-profit association, which is Open Source and exclusively dedicated to making open source 3D printed prosthetic hands.

Kolda and the Enabling the Future association completed the project using their BCN3D Sigma to great success. Thanks to the IDEX technology of the BCN3D Sigma, which allows two colours or materials to be printed simultaneously with dual extruders, the hand was printed in Sara’s desired colours. 

Designing the 3D printed prosthetic hand
Sara’s conceptual idea and digital model of her prosthetic hand (Domotek, 2017).
Printing the 3d printed prosthetic hand
Finished double colour 3D printed proshtetic hand on the BCN3D Sigma (Domotek, 2017).

Nowadays, Sara is enjoying her prosthetic 3D printed hand as a big change in her life – proof that understanding that disruptive technologies like 3D printing can improve lives. The constant development of 3D printing technology is just the beginning of improving quality of life for generations to come. 

The 3d printed prosthetic hand in use
Sara using her prosthetic hand in the park (Domotek, 2017).

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