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We are here to help – The BCN3D Farm is available to fight Covid19

Barcelona, 17th March 2020-. This last days, in the midst of some of the most difficult times many of us have ever faced, with a global pandemic taking lives and forcing us all to take drastic measures to prevent the Covid-19 virus from disseminating further, there have been many rays of light in the form of innovators worldwide, who are putting their ideas and energy into the task of developing new ways to help those in need.

These people are an inspiration to us all, and from BCN3D we want to enable them to bring their projects to life, so that help can reach further everyday. For that reason, we would like to offer our own printfarm, composed by a total of 63 machines, to be used for those projects that can contribute the most to the public benefit in these hard times.

If there is something that we know about, it is fabrication, and we want to put our knowledge at the disposal of others. So if you or somebody you know has an idea or plan that can change the face of this pandemic and help others at large scale, get in touch with us at We will look into each proposal and put all of our machines at the disposal of those with a well-thought, scientifically validated project who can be of help for many.

We need your help with 3D printing!

We are working closely with healthcare providers, government organisations, and our network of professionals and volunteers to design, prototype, and produce parts that have been fully validated at several hospitals in Barcelona, to be adopted by healthcare professionals. Our main goal is to help these professionals stay safe and comfortable, so that they count on the best conditions to focus on their invaluable work.

We have also created a global database including contact details of any person willing to collaborate, so that we can centralize efforts in order to be efficient and helpful. If you would like to contribute with your 3D printer(s), please leave your details in this form.

We will reach out to you with the STL of our protective face shields and instructions on how to print it. Once you have 30 units, ship them to BCN3D: we will perform a quality check, assemble the face shields and distribute them through the group to hospitals and health centers in need.

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Find more information about how to help and how to request protective face shields for you and your team.

We believe that we can and will come through this global crisis together!