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IDEX Technology: Doubling productivity at the BCN3D Print Farm

IDEX technology doubles productivity compared to conventional 3D desktop printers.  At our printing farm, our IDEX 3D printers are working 24/7 to produce parts for our 3D printers, which each include 47 printed plastic pieces. Additive manufacturing is the most cost-efficient solution for producing low volume batches, and we have the results to prove it!

Low volume batch production at the BCN3D Print Farm

Here at BCN3D technologies, we design and manufacture professional desktop 3D printers, such as the BCN3D Sigma and the BCN3D Sigmax. Each one of these machines contains 47 plastic pieces manufactured at the BCN3D Print Farm, which has 63 BCN3D 3D printers working 24/7 to supply the production demand.

IDEX technology: Same investment, double productivity

To optimize the fabrication of these printed parts, we use our IDEX technology: Independent Dual Extrusion system. While most dual extrusion desktop 3D printers have both toolheads in the same carriage, IDEX printers’ toolheads can be controlled independently. Using both toolheads simultaneously in Duplication and Mirror Modes means productivity is doubled. 

print farm

For example, the BCN3D Print Farm produces vertical bowdens, a piece which keeps the teflon tube in place. Thanks to Duplication Mode, BCN3D is able to produce 1,500 vertical bowdens in one month, as opposed to the 750 units that would be printed using conventional dual extrusion printers. 

IDEX 3d printers are the most cost-effective and fastest solution for low-volume batch 3d printing production. They offer the possibility to park the idle toolhead aside when printing dual extrusion parts. This is the cleanest solution on the market as it prevents the drip of molten plastic into the print.

print farm

Print quality comparison table_BCN3D Technologies

Why choose an IDEX 3D Printer for a small series?

In addition to doubling productivity, IDEX technology offers so many more benefits for low volume batch production:

• Reduces cost of machinery in half
With the same number of 3D printers, the user can obtain twice as many printed parts than with any other dual extrusion machines without IDEX technology.

• Reduces cost of maintenance and downtime in half
In order to keep a 3D printer in an optimal condition, standard maintenance must be performed. BCN3D printer do not require additional maintenance actions compared to other 3D printers, so investing the same maintenance time you are indeed obtaining double production.

• Reduces labor cost in half
The full process of designing and setting up your BCN3D printer takes the same amount of time as any other on the market. However, when you invest this time in a BCN3D printer, you are able to produce twice as many parts.

• Same space, double productivity
Since BCN3D printers double production, every square meter used to house a printer is working doubly.

Low volume batch production comparison table_BCN3D Technologies

Producing end-use parts at the BCN3D Print Farm

Here in our BCN3D Print Farm, our printers are working away tirelessly to create end-use parts for our manufacturing line. 

These printers are equipped with top-grade mechanical and electronic components, such as e3D hotends and Bondtech extruders. This allows us a guarantee of the correct dimensional tolerances, as well as high repeatability.  

BCN3D Print Farm fabricates its pieces with PET-G material. We selected this material for its suitability end-use parts, offering excellent mechanical properties and high temperature resistance. 

With our IDEX technology, we have revolutionized the BCN3D production workflow; doubling our productivity while maintaining a reasonable hardware investment. Could our printers do the same for you?

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White paper: IDEX Technology, Doubling Productivity While Halving Costs

This all-encompassing white paper will help you understand how IDEX works, how it came to life. Moreover, it will explain IDEX’s main differences and benefits compared to single- and dual extrusion. Download it here for free!

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