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Industrial Series

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In-house 3D printing will let you explore cutting-edge applications by creating accurate 3D models or precision parts, pushing the limits of research to the next level. This keeps confidential information without leaving your lab.

BCN3D Printers in Research

Use cases in Research Industry

3D Printing boosts ABLE Human Motion’s exoskeletons design workflow, by improving rapid functional validation and prototyping.

At ABLE Human Motion, they believe the best way to design compelling and really useful exoskeleton technology is by involving the final users from the beginning. This implies fast design iterations incorporating the patient’s feedback, and this is where 3D printing excels.

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Additive manufacturing helps isolate cells from one of the most aggressive breast cancers

Scientists from the University of Girona have successfully isolated breast cancer stem cells using additive manufacturing.

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Jordi Bordas last piece of pastry art: Golden Peanut 3D printed mould

Jordi Bordas, Pastry World Champion and creator of the B·Concept recipe formulation method, uses the BCN3D Sigma 3D printer to produce pastry molds to shape their latest pastry product, the Golden Peanut.

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