BCN3D Spool Cartridge


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Only compatible with Smart Cabinet

The BCN3D Spool Cartridge is a plastic enclosure for filament spools (typically 750g) to store and place the filament spools inside the BCN3D Smart Cabinet.

Using the cartridge in the dehumidifier chamber of the Smart Cabinet is highly recommended, and these are the top main benefits:

  • Improve the user experience while storing and switching materials.
  • Facilitate the filament loading and unloading operations.
  • Keep correct rotation of the spool when printing.
  • Contain the filament slack after performing an unload operation to prevent tangling.


Quick material swap

Having 6 Spool Cartridges ready in the Smart Cabinet’s loading area allows you to quickly swap materials depending on your needs at any time.

Magnetic snap fit

The magnets in the cover and the main body allow for an easy loading of spools, as well as to snap the cartridge  in the loading or parking area of the Smart Cabinet.

Unload without tangling

Prevent tangling inside the Smart Cabinet when unloading the filament. The extra slack due to the long distance between the extruders and print heads is kept inside the cartridge.


It is compatible with all the BCN3D Filaments 500g and 750g spools, as well as a wide variety of spools from third-party material manufacturers. Spools with the following dimensions are compatible:

  • Diameter (d1): up to 203mm
  • Central bore diameter (d2): more than 50mm
  • Width (w): 55mm