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Introducing autocalibration for our 3D printers, the arrival of the Metal Pack, and the release of new PET CF15

The new year brings our next three releases that have been carefully contrived to boost your 3D printing in numerous areas. Autocalibration brings a faster, foolproof calibration process. The BCN3D Metal Pack is now available for purchase, enabling you to create stainless steel parts in a 3 step process. Our new fiber-filled filament PET CF15’s mechanical properties make it a happy medium between PP GF30 and PAHT CF15.

We kick off 2022 with a trio of technological advancements available now to propel your printing process to the next level. While autocalibration reduces your calibration time by 85% and leaves no room for error, the BCN3D Metal Pack is here so that you can create stainless steel parts in a 3 step process, and our new filament PET CF15 elevates our range of fiber-filled materials. Let’s take a look at the benefits each of these distinct printing assets can bring to the table for you and your business.

Autocalibration for extraordinary time savings

Although it has always been a vital step in obtaining the best functioning of systems across all kinds of equipment, calibration is infamous for being one of the most difficult, unpredictable procedures. Hence, the recent emergence of autocalibration has pivoted the additive manufacturing industry to a transformation of the way users set up their printers and the results they achieve, and now you can experience the advantages of this effortless time-saver for yourself in our BCN3D printers. 


Our new electronics system controls a piezoelectric sensor, mounted on the printhead between the hotend and x-axis, which detects pressure to accurately measure the exact distance between the nozzle tip (where the filament flows out of) and the printing surface (from which the part is built upon). One of the best usages of this sensor is measuring the flatness of the printing surface, a process called mesh mapping. For this to be carried out, the toolhead moves along 9 points distributed across the build plate to configure the most accurate Z alignment.

Autocalibration also carries out another process to ensure the perfect XY alignment for our dual extrusion system. At the back of the build plate, a square perimeter is used to calculate the perfect offsets between the two toolheads, eradicating any risk of crossover in a dual print. 

These automatic processes collectively mean you can reduce your printing set-up time from 40 minutes to just 6 – in other terms, a whopping reduction of 85%. By taking away the research and knowledge required for manual operation and a checking process, this foolproof technology means you are no longer dependent on human criteria. This reduces room for error or print failure and guarantees precision and a correct first-layer adhesion every time.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this process, this in-depth article explains exactly how autocalibration works.

The BCN3D Metal Pack packs a punch

In November 2021, we debuted the BCN3D Metal Pack: an affordable, reliable solution for the highly sought-after stainless steel printing. Compatible with our Epsilon series, the Metal Pack is now available for purchase. This means only three steps lie between you getting your hands on a nearly 100% solid stainless steel part

BCN3D Metal Pack

The exclusive hotend for metal, complementary accessories, and the Ultrafuse® 316L and 17-4 PH filaments included in your kit make printing your piece with a BCN3D Epsilon printer a breeze. These materials contain high levels of stainless steel in combination with polymer binders. Industry-standard debinding and sintering processes come next, done externally through the current Forward AM authorized network of suppliers. This involves a catalytic debinding process followed by a sintering process at temperatures right below the melting temperature of the metal, which causes the metal particles to coalesce and finally post-sintering. 

Whether you’re manufacturing spare parts, functional prototyping, or tooling, upgrade to the office-friendly solution to create them with practically identical behavior as those produced by MIM or CNC but with far more design freedom. The strength and hardness that so iconically characterize metal are now achievable at an affordable price, without the need for purchasing an entirely new printer. Your Epsilon printer upgraded with this kit means you are free to print polymers, metals, and everything in between. 

PET CF15’s strength and many-sidedness

The latest addition to our BCN3D portfolio is a material that diversifies our range of fiber-filled materials even further. PET CF15 (Polyethylene Terephthalate carbon fiber reinforced) is the easiest to print out of these types of filaments and can be printed directly on glass. It has similar mechanical properties to PAHT CF15 minus the moisture issues and, although it has a lower chemical resistance than PP GF30, it takes away its printability complexities, making it the perfect middle ground between the two. 


Our PET CF15 has been developed by our trusted partner and its world-renowned team of experts at BASF Forward AM to ensure the highest quality and top performance. The combination of its high dimensional stability and very low moisture absorption make it suitable for applications in humid operating environments. Additional properties such as high heat resistance, strength, and stiffness mean it can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. Choose PET CF15 for compatibility with soluble supports and for an excellent surface finish. 

Whether you’re looking to eliminate time spent setting up your printer, create metal parts, or experiment with a brand new fiber-filled material, it looks like our latest endeavors have got you covered!