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MCE Metrology provides services of all shapes and sizes with 3D printing

To dimensional metrology manufacturer MCE Metrology, in-house 3D printing has brought more than just a surge in productivity and creativity. Having heard that they are saving more than 10.000€ per year through additive manufacturing, we went to see for ourselves why the team made the decision to switch to BCN3D printers and how it has subsequently impacted their business.

MCE Metrology wants to take things further than just the manufacture of a machine, by providing an experience guiding customers from the beginning to end of their journey purchasing a dimensional metrology machine completely customized to their needs.

In order to deliver this service and fulfill customers’ expectations, MCE Metrology turned to 3D printing in the hopes it would provide a more efficient production process with increased versatility. Implementing a BCN3D Epsilon W27 alongside a Smart Cabinet 6 months ago did just that, saving 10.000€ per year in the process!

Pushing the boundaries of dimensional metrology

Imagine a world without measurement – amongst other difficulties, manufacturing would be extremely complicated. Dimensional metrology machines ensure exact precision and quality control.

Dimensional metrology

From its headquarters in Publier, France, MCE Metrology has been supplying dimensional measurement machines to customers in France and Switzerland since 1995, with the goal of providing a variety of different services with complete solutions. The company does so by providing maintenance, training, service programming, consulting and more, in an experience completely customized to each client’s needs. 

During the process, they propose different machines, technologies and surrounding services to build a close relationship with their clients, with the goal of enabling them to use the appropriate technology with confidence. The company caters to all industries, from automotive to orology in the medical field. 

“Upon acceptance, we launch the product by means of prototyping for assurance. After we validate it is working to its full potential, then we proceed with working on the final product.” – Claire Teulier, Marketing Manager at MCE Metrology.

Measuring up to expectations

Creating with BCN3D

While using traditional machining methods, MCE Metrology found that missing the vital step of prototyping was very limiting and caused problems. The team was in search of a method that could provide them with quick production and reliable materials.

3D printing entered MCE Metrology’s world through its state-of-the-art R&D department as a way of meeting specific demands from customers. It was crowned the solution to their problem because of its ease of use, which meant it could be used internally.  

“Thanks to our BCN3D printer, we are able to save 10.000€ per year.” – Frédéric Saudax, Applications Engineer at MCE Metrology.

Furthermore, in comparison to the 4 weeks required by traditional machining to deliver results, 3D printing cut that down to just 1 week. The team was pleasantly surprised by the extent to which speed, low cost, and creativity could be explored. 

MCE Metrology's time & cost savings

Frédéric Saudax pinpointed what he believes to be the advantageous features of the Epsilon W27: the team found that its big print volume and IDEX technology set it apart from others on the market. The size means that 95% of customer’s demands can be met, and the IDEX not only increases productivity, but creativity too. The faster iteration means the team is more reactive, and able to step in to quickly iterate any parts that need to be adjusted.

”A big print volume combined with the Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX), means we can fulfill all types of requests, totally on-demand. 3D printing offers us more creativity, reactivity and the ability to test all prototypes quickly and efficiently.” – Claire Teulier, Marketing Manager at MCE Metrology.

The rigorous calibration process means the team can rely on printed parts coming out accurately. The filament runout sensor prevents any jobs from being interrupted, and the auto-cleaning nozzle provides efficiency. 

Frédéric also put an emphasis on the organization the Smart Cabinet brought to their facilities, and its handy feature of transportability. The uninterruptible power supply that comes with the Smart Cabinet also ensures no print jobs are lost due to power failure. 

MCE Metrology is currently using PLA, Tough PLA, ABS, soluble materials, and carbon fiber for its solidity, and is looking into starting to work with flexible materials for machine covers. 

Soluble materials

The benefits of 3D printing in this case undeniably stretch beyond making machines; with 3D printing, MCE Metrology can expand their available services and take their customer care to the next level. MCE Metrology extends a recommendation to implement 3D printing to any companies requiring the production of mechanical parts, and so our printing solutions have proved reliable where measurement matters most.

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