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Industrial Series

Workbench Series



Meet the BCN3D Epsilon and BCN3D Sigma 3D printing series

Designed to enable professionals to innovate further independently of their work field, these two series distribute our product portfolio between the workbench and desktop segments. We are proud to introduce a new generation of 3D printers combining enhanced performance, professional-grade reliability, and full accessibility for a seamless daily operation.

BCN3D Epsilon Series: Industrial power on your workbench

Combining a new generation of state-of-the-art 3D printers and a Smart Cabinet, this series has been engineered to deliver exceptionally strong functional parts with quality and precision, bringing industrial power to your workbench or factory floor.
This complete professional 3D printing solution has been developed to enable innovators -from manufacturers to engineers to designers-, to easily create functional parts, prototypes, manufacturing jigs and tools; and anything else you can imagine, with the highest throughput for maximum efficiency.

Already available for the last year, and just renamed in order to better fit BCN3D’s new portfolio, the Epsilon W50 3D printer features one of the largest build volumes on the market, with a print volume of 420 x 300 x 400 mm. It’s just released smaller-sized sister, the Epsilon W27 offers the same high performance with a compressed build volume of 420 x 300 x 220 mm. Choose any of them to print at large scale using water-soluble supports, or fit multiple parts on a build plate, so you can get the dimensions you designed for.

Combining this massive volume with our Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology, which allows print modes such as Mirror and Duplication, the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printers turn out to be the perfect tool for cost-effective batch production.

BCN3D Epsilon Series 3D Printer smart cabinet IDEX productivity w50 w27

The BCN3D Smart Cabinet: seamless integration for a higher uptime

The new BCN3D Smart Cabinet integrates seamlessly with both Epsilon 3D printers, maximizing their uptime. Its filament humidity control boosts your materials’ performance, protecting the filament, and reducing print failure due to moisture, significantly improving your prints’ quality.

The dehumidifier can fit up to 8 small spools (between 750g – 1kg) or 4 big spools (up to 2,5kg), which can be loaded to your 3D printer directly from this humidity-controlled environment, therefore allowing you to print while keeping the materials in perfect condition.

Its uninterruptible power supply protects your work at all times, avoiding the risk of losing your print job due to power outages: in case of a power outage, this system provides 2 minutes of additional print time after a blackout, allowing the 3D printer to return automatically to the home position. Once the power is back, you will be able to resume your print from its last position.

BCN3D Epsilon Series 3D Printer smart cabinet humidity controlled environment

Print easily and safely with industrial-grade materials

The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printers have been designed to support the most demanding applications thanks to features such as their full enclosure and passively heated chamber, where the temperature can reach up to 60ºC.
Many industrial applications are within reach thanks to the Hotend X, made from a special alloy of tool steel. When paired with any of the BCN3D Epsilon 3D printers, it enables printing with fiber-filled materials, so you can print stiffer parts, designed to resist the most demanding jobs. A good example of these technical materials are PP GF30 (30% of glass fiber) and PAHT CF15 (15% of carbon fiber), developed by BASF in exclusive for the BCN3D Epsilon series.

In order to work with these technical and abrasive materials, safety must be guaranteed. The BCN3D Epsilon series includes unparalleled safety features including a HEPA Filter and a Carbon Filter, which prevent the release of potentially harmful particles and fumes into the air; ensuring a shielded environment for those around the printer.
The Safety Pause feature, in its turn, will stop the printing process anytime the enclosure door is opened, so that your experience will always be fully secure through and through.

BCN3D Epsilon Series 3D Printer IDEX Dual Extrusion Duplication Technical Material PP

Full connectivity for a seamless workflow

Both the Epsilon W50 and the Epsilon W27 are equipped with the latest connectivity features. Easily send your print files from anywhere, with our BCN3D Cloud service, and do it via wifi for the most hassle-free workflow.
You can also forget about manual firmware upgrades: if you chose to have them, our Over The Air (OTA) updates will make sure that your 3D printer is always up to the minute.

The BCN3D Epsilon 3D printers are also compatible with a wide range of hotends: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, and 1.0 mm; which enhances their versatility and applications, from printing small, delicate details to sturdy, large-scale parts.

BC3D Epsilon Series 3D Printer IDEX connectivity bcn3d cloud

With the 3D printing solutions on the BCN3D Epsilon series, strength, powerful technology, and world-class reliability are assured. They have been engineered to create complex parts with solid mechanical properties – with them, the possibilities are endless!


BCN3D Sigma Series: Our acclaimed workhorse, engineered for maximum productivity

Our BCN3D Sigma series requires little introduction: since its launch in 2015, the Sigma became our best-selling 3D printer, known across the desktop 3D printing market for pioneering our IDEX (Independent Dual Extrusion) technology.
Today we say goodbye to the Sigma/x R19, which have been effectively phased out, and present the new Sigma D25, a new generation of this acclaimed workhorse, engineered to grant maximum productivity through a hassle-free experience thanks to features like its massive print volume and full connectivity.

With one of the largest printing volumes in the desktop market, at 420 x 300 x 200 mm, and of course counting on our disruptive IDEX system, the Sigma D25 becomes the ideal tool for quick prototyping. 3D printing modes such as mirror and duplication offer the possibility of speeding up any product development process, quickly churning out new iterations and eliminating the need to wait for days for an outsourced part.

BCN3D Sigma D25 3D printer connectivity web

Straight-forward workflow for maximum ease-of-use

The Sigma D25 has been optimized to work seamlessly with our users’ most utilized materials, which are also those safest to print with in an office environment: we are talking about the standard BCN3D Filaments PLA, PET-G, TPU, and PVA. You can select the refined printing profile for each one directly on BCN3D Cura and let the 3D printer do its magic – no need for tweaking and adjusting, just hit the “print” button and move on with your day!

Also, and just like the Epsilon 3D printers, the Sigma D25 is equipped with the latest connectivity features. You can easily send your print files from anywhere, with our BCN3D Cloud service, and do it via wifi for the most hassle-free workflow.
And, also like in the BCN3D Epsilon series, you can forget about manual firmware upgrades thanks to our Over The Air (OTA) updates, which will make sure that your 3D printer is always up to the minute!

Integrated into the front panel, a responsive multilingual 5’’ touch screen makes operation effortless and informed – you can just swipe through menus and tap options to select them. Detailed information, such as the build plate and nozzle temperatures keeps you up to date about jobs in progress and allows you to take action easily, without even leaving your desk.

BCN3D Sigma D25 3D Printer IDEX dual extrusion water soluble PVA supports

Advanced features and increased functionalities

Compared to the Sigma R19, our new generation of desktop printers presents quite some differences. The first one, of course, is its external design, with a new look chosen to differentiate the BCN3D Sigma line amongst our growing product portfolio, create a more unique image, and provide a better fit in the desktop market.

However, the most exciting improvements are not so easy to spot from the outside. For example, the new Sigma D25 presents an enhanced heat distribution thanks to the aluminum build plate and silicone thermal pad that distribute evenly the heat over the printing surface. The calibration process has also been refined through an optimized firmware calculation system that allows a more accurate adjustment of the levelness.

The extruders have also been repositioned to the back of the printer, reducing the distance to the hotend and preventing overheating issues; and both the X and Z axis have been reinforced, the former through a change of material to stainless steel and the latter through multiple changes in its mechanical structure. For more information on the changes and improvements made on the Sigma D25 compared to the Sigma R19, check out our dedicated blog post.

We have no doubt that all these features make the new Sigma D25 the most efficient partner for all your desktop needs – whether that may be the fabrication of prototypes quickly with the independent IDEX printheads or the development of functional parts to support your workflow, the Sigma D25 is the tool for it!

BCN3D Sigma D25 3D Printer professional desktop IDEX


Discover the new BCN3D Epsilon series

The price of the BCN3D Epsilon W50 is 6,995 euros + VAT and it is immediately available for purchasing, with a shipping time of one week.

The price of the BCN3D Epsilon W27 is 4,995 euros + VAT and the first units will be shipped on October 19th. From today you can reserve it with a 10% deposit on the BCN3D website or contacting any of the official distribution partners of BCN3D, and with your purchase, you will receive free training and 3 spools of ABS.

The Smart Cabinet and SC bundles will be available in Spring 2021.

Download official photos BCN3D Epsilon Series
Datasheet BCN3D Epsilon Series


Discover the new BCN3D Sigma series

The price of the BCN3D Sigma D25 is 3,495 euros + VAT and the first units will be shipped on October 19th. From today you can reserve it with a 10% deposit on the BCN3D website or contacting any of the official distribution partners of BCN3D, and with your purchase, you will receive free training and 3 spools of PLA.

Download official photos BCN3D Sigma D25
Datasheet BCN3D Sigma D25

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